Most Famous Pizza Places In Lahore

If you are planning a trip to the Lahore city and there you want to eat out every day but are confused about the restaurants might be out of your range. Don’t worry the great thing about Food Club is that there are many well known restaurants with their menu on board with Food Club to suitable for your all budgets. Food Club help you in your food search according your mind plan, we have enough friends at Lahore office to search and see what are the best pizza restaurants according to the people reviews and budget.
995821_377176852386153_1330039648_nSo today i will want to discuss about the pizza places and the restaurants delicious mouth watering pizza menu. If we look around the Lahore city there are many places to eat well but i am here still to justify you some of the experienced pizza restaurants I think if you take a visit to Lahore you definitely want a famous taste of pizza to eat! Therefore lets see the best pizza restaurant in Lahore.
580734_372309999539505_1338769074_nPizza Milano serve Italian thin crust cheese lover pizza, Margarita Pizza, Veggi Lover Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Cheese Fajita Pizza, Fajita Sicilian Pizza, Mushroom Lover Pizza, Pepperoni & Veggi Pizza, Pepperoni & Olive Pizza, Euro Pizza, Pineapple Delight Pizza. Fresh ingredients use to cook are quite good like Pizza Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, Mix Chicken, Chicken Sausages Mix veggie, Mushrooms, Olives. Pizza Heart makes Pakistani style pizza you can eat on the street 146-A shalimar link road opposite police station. Lookout, They also have a Sicilian Hearts pizza eating challenge, I view this restaurant as a very prominent looks with comfortable sitting.

625433_348385245265314_1683474347_nDomino Hut pizza, i am here not for just appreciate all the restaurants! Their pizza you can say is not bad, but some of i like very much such as Chicken Fajita, Romano pizza. Sea Food Pizza, American Hot, Chilly Mexican, Tropicana, Italian Pizza and much special and delicious pizza is Domino Special Pizza. However, they have also got some decent discount appetizers, including some of garlic breads and Arabian roll parathas & all are in affordable price range.

602080_350464808390691_1784382945_nIf we talk about Al-Jalsa Hut, a good place to go after a long drive because of this restaurant is so far from the main city of Lahore but the people still want to go there for their mouth watering tasty pizzas. The pizza tastes better than how pizza looks, they deals in Pepperoni Deluxe pizza, Pickle Punjabi, Fish Tikka, Smoked Chicken pizza and also you can see many more according to your taste in the restaurant menu list.



Pizza Place Lahore a place for fast food lovers a genuine modern style pizza place. The family pizza is in 16 inch. The ingredients are mostly used are fresh like Salami, Fresh Onions, Tomatoes, Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Green Peppers, and Mushrooms which makes the pizza delicious. Also, they serving pizzas with affordable price. The pizza Wonder have a huge variety of pizza and fast food. Restaurant have a big and valuable pizza menu. Pizza Wonder is a little more tasty than comparable other pizza places but the pizza is so good for eat not bad try it yourself.

2Fri Chicks is an old restaurant and now they improve their status in the fast food restaurant market. This fast food restaurant offers a decent variety of delicious pizza including other fast food cuisine. Hawain Delight pizza is very famous in taste if we see other pizza from the menu for example Smart Feasta, Veggie Lover, Bar B.Q Chicken Pizza, Pepperoni Deluxe, and many more you can visit Food Club for all other new restaurants that are closely open in Lahore city.

We will discuss about the upcoming restaurants soon…..!


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